Welcome to Hakodate Cycle, an open information resource for cycling in the Oshima Region of Hokkaido. The Oshima region is a popular tourist destination with an international airport and two Shinkansen stations (Kikonai and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto) and is therefore accessible from within Japan and overseas. With over 25 years and 80,000km of combined local cycling experience, we are passionate about cycling and eager to share our enthusiasm. Whether you’re drawn to coastal summer road bike rides, forest track gravel adventures, or snowy winter mountain treks, we can provide practical information and friendly guidance for cyclists of all nationalities, languages, genders, and abilities. Individual consultations are always welcome, and routes and tour plans can be provided upon request. As we love cycling in the local area so much it is also possible to ride together if convenient.


To know more about the Hakodate Cycle project we invite you to read our Concept page which outlines how we combine cycling and information infrastructure design to the local promotion of certain sustainable development goals. For our cycling route recommendations, our previous rides, and for the downloading of our GPX/TCX files to your own GPS device, take a look at our Routes and Rides pages. We strongly recommend that visitors read our Safety page and pay attention to the specifics of the local context. Finally, given the potential dangers involved in any cycling activity we request that visitors review our Disclaimer page prior to using any of the information provided.

Let's ride together and we look forward to welcoming you to Hakodate !

The Oshima region has a humid continental climate and experiences four seasons including cold winters, warm to hot summers, and a mild spring and autumn. The region also receives a moderate amount of precipitation throughout the year, with wetter summers and significant snowfall in winter. The photographs below highlight the contrasting road and weather conditions in addition to the variable clothing and gear requirements. With the correct equipment, planning, and safety precautions, we enjoy cycling across all four seasons in the Oshima region.